Are Wilson Golf Balls The Best?

Wilson Golf Balls

When it comes to choosing your golf ball from among the best brands which are available in the market, you cannot let go off one name among them and that would be the name of Wilson Golf Balls. After going through a thorough research in the field of golf and also after talking to a few of the golfers, we knew that when it comes to the golf the Wilson’s irons that have been introduced recently have become a favourite of many of our players, but today we are going to take a step ahead and check about the kind of footage the Wilson golf balls are getting.

We will with the help of few important sections that are required to be taken into consideration while judging the performance level of any golf ball, use them as parameters to check What Wilson Golf Balls Are the Best? So here comes the list:

  • The feel of the golf balls: These golf balls are urethane covered balls and hence are very soft, though you cannot really categorise them as the softest but they sure are far off from being the firm balls, which in no way can provide you with the satisfaction of playing a proper game of golf.
  • The durability of the golf balls: These are the tried and tested version which in no way will cause any kind of hassle for you, when it comes to the durability factor of the golf balls, and standing true to their promises, you will find none of them scuffled or scrapped before their real time of expiry. And also another thing noticed about these golf balls was that just like the Titleist golf balls, which is another very renowned brand in the market when it comes to golf balls these too were not really severely cut even after they were used for a lot of wedges.
  • The value of the golf balls: When it comes to the value of the Wilson golf balls, you will find them pretty much affordable as well, with the Wilson Duo being available at a price of $20.00 per dozen, where on the other hand the Wilson FG Tour and the Wilson FG Tour X both of them were available at a retail cost ranging from $30.00 per dozen to $40.00 per dozen. If you get to compare these Wilson golf balls with the others, you sure will find out that you are paying a price lesser than the quality of these balls demand.